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Dues Structure



Membership shall be open to any State Use Program Management


There shall be two classes of membership:

Corporate Member - The State Use organization officially recognized, designated
or responsible for the day-to-day management of the State Use Program in a
particular state; and

Associate Member - Organizations or individuals who have an interest in
promoting State Use Programs or a national organization created for the
betterment of persons with disabilities.

Each Corporate Member shall have one delegate to represent it at the
Association's annual general meeting or any other Association meeting. The
delegate shall be the chief executive officer of the corporate entity or his/her
designee authorized in writing. Such persons Shall be eligible to:

(A) Hold office, serve as a member' of the Board of Directors or officers
of the Assocation, and/or as Chair/Member of any committee.

(B) Vote in the election of Directors and Officers and on any matter of
business coming before the member-ship at the annual general
meeting or any other meeting of the Assooiation.

Associate Members shall have no voting rights with respect to the affairs
of the Association at any meeting of the Association.


Dues for corporate membership shall be first recommended by the Board
of Directors and shall become effective when approved by two-thirds (2/3) of the
qualified voting members present at any duly called meeting of the membership.

The Board of Directors may authorize various levels of membership dues
for Associate Members.

Any member who has not pard their Annual Dues or has not made
arrangements to pay will be considered not in good standing as per the criteria
established by the Board of Directors.