Over the past 20 years, the State Use Programs Association (SUPRA) has been a resource of best practices for member states engaged in creating and sustaining employment for American’s with disabilities.

Prior to SUPRA’s founding in December 1997, the State Use Division (the Division) of the American Rehabilitation Association provided State Use organizations the opportunity to exchange information, network and participate in training and educational activities of mutual interest. The American Rehabilitation Association restructured into primarily separate medical and vocational entities in 1997. As a vocationally oriented organization, the State Use Division sought similar-status collaboration with the newly created American Congress of Community Supports and Employment Services (ACCSES), established as an “association of state associations”. ACCSES dedicated itself primarily to vocational rehabilitation services and focused on the needs of CRPs.

Corporate structural requirements on the part of both ACCSES and certain of the independent State Use central nonprofit agencies led to the decision in December 1997 to form an independent State Use association, and SUPRA was then established.