The name of the corporation is STATE USE PROGRAMS ASSOCIATION, INC.




The purpose of the State Use Programs Association, Inc., a Texas nonprofit corporation (hereinafter the "Association"), is to provide support to State Use Program management, to promote growth of State Use Programs nationwide and to promote the common interests of its members. 



(A)       The Association will promote vocational employment opportunities for people with disabilities through State Use Programs.

(B)       The Association will provide for periodic meetings for its members for the purpose of sharing and exchange of information, ideas, problems and solutions in areas of mutual concern to members.

(C)       The Association shall establish and maintain ongoing communications between its members, its leadership, all related public and voluntary agencies, organizations and the general public in order to insure the regular exchange of essential information and improvement of personnel, programs and facilities which serve persons with disabilities. 

(D)       The Association shall establish and maintain educational training services for the benefit of its members and the facilities and programs they operate. 

(E)       The Association shall develop legislative and regulatory positions that provide a system of information service and overall legislative direction to its members, local and state government, legislators, and administrators to provide a positive governmental environment for the member facilities.

(F)       The Association shall protect and promote preferred source purchasing legislation for persons with disabilities and the current organizations designated to implement this legislation.



The Association may, at the discretion of the Board of Directors;

(A)       Solicit funding for activities to be operated under the direction of the Board of Directors of the Association when such projects are for the general welfare of the Association, through will, bequest, grant or gift, or trust or absolutely, for restricted or non-restricted purposes.

(B)       Invest and reinvest any monies coming into its hands in any type of property, real, personal or mixed, as it shall determine in good faith and be advisable; and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, to acquire by purchase, lease, contract or otherwise, any type of property, real, personal or mixed.

(C)       Own, hold, sell, convey, lease and otherwise manage, operate, or dispose of all or any part of its assets on any lawful terms and conditions without liability for any losses which may result from acts done in good faith.

(D)       Be subject to any limitations contained in the instrument by which any asset was acquired, to spend all or part of its income and capital assets as shall be determined by it in the furtherance of the purposes herein set out and at any time or times.

(E)       Borrow money, execute notes and debentures, and other instruments evidencing obligations for the payment of monies; to execute mortgages and pledges; to enter into any type of contracts, agreements, or guarantees relative to items of real or personal property owned by it or in which it may have a contractual interest; and to do all other things incidental to such borrowings, mortgages, pledges, and guarantees as may appear advisable to this Association and which are permitted to nonprofit corporations by law.

(F)       All other things and exercise all other powers which a nonprofit charitable, educational, and scientific corporation such as this is not prohibited by general law from doing or exercising in carrying out the stated purposes of the Association; and provided further that this Association may not exercise any power, express or implied, which would disqualify it from tax-exempt status under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States, and related statutes and regulations, as are in force at the time of the adoption hereof or as amended after the adoption hereof.